Here are a few of the brew recipes that I’ve come up with, along with their brewing and tasting notes. (Updated regularly)

  • Belgian Golden Strong Aledescription coming soon
  • Clever Girl Bourbon Barrel Stout -
  • Orange Pale Ale - description coming soon
  • Cranston: Belgian Lambic-style Ale -
  • McBaggins Stout – This was the first batch of homebrew I ever did. I didn’t mess around and went straight for a big ol’ chocolate/coffee stout. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, but hey, it was still pretty good. I also split this batch in half and dry hopped some of it. That was tasty.
  • Five Iron Frenzy: The End is Beer – This was originally an american ale with blueberries, but somehow it got infected. So I acted quickly and pitched the dregs from as many sours as I could get my grubby little hands on and voilà, within a few weeks it was smelling like a lacto-fermented sour ale. Can’t wait to see how this one ends up in a year or so.
  • Flanders Reddescription coming soon
  • Anbrew Weaveweizen – description coming soon
  • BAMF Vanilla Hef – I created this beer for my fantasy football league. Even with Jurassic Park, Five Iron Frenzy and Lord of the Rings themed beers, this is probably the nerdiest thing I’ve ever brewed.
  • Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins Christmas Ale – description coming soon
  • Brew Love – description coming soon


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